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A New Start for 2018

It's a new year and while I am not making any resolutions I would like to start something new for 2018. The congregational survey came back with a loud and clear message: Better Communication. And with that in mind, I would like to open a few new lines of communication to keep everyone in the loop.

There are lots of questions to answer in the coming months of this year and I would like to share an update on a few of them.

Strategic Plan Progress

Focus is necessary as we discern where God is leading us. A strategic plan will help guide the way. Jerry Longabaugh and Jess Herbig have taken the leadership of this process and have interviewed the staff and are now attending other key groups to form the starting point of the plan. They hope to be done in the next two months and then have a document to help guide our future planning.


If we are to expand ministry at the Maple Campus, then additional rooms will be needed for jr. and sr. youth, adult classrooms and the use of the big room for fellowship. Re-purposing part of the Open Arms child development center and building additional space for the day care will allow for a 7 day a week ministry beyond child care at Maple.

WDM Architects have been employed to draw preliminary floor plans for a future renovation and expansion of the Maple Campus. Architect, John Brewer, has meet with the Open Arm's Director and will be meeting with church leaders on Wednesday, January 10. Conceptual drawings will be available soon.

Tyler Campus renovations would include an update to the flooring in the mix area and entryway, Sanctuary, and the 1960's bathrooms. Some renovations are already in progress and have been completed like the new paint in the nursery.


The strategic plan will help us know what kind of ministry we need to be staffing. With this in place we can better see how to move forward. During the interim, volunteers and part time help are assisting in our ministry.

What Can I Do?

I am so glad that you asked :-) The look can be easily updated, but the feel is where each member has a part. Warmth, welcome, hospitality, friendliness, and genuine concern for one another is vital. Wholehearted love requires intentional effort and sacrifice. Moving beyond our own comfort to ensure the comfort of others is our calling. Our God given call to care for one another is the reason why we are taking time to greet each other before worship. This may or may not be in your comfort zone and some are concerned about sharing colds and flu. If this is your concern you may want to refrain from shaking hands but do engage and interact with those around you. Trust Jesus to help you.

Something Else New for 2018

Greeters. Yep, we've tried it time and time again. But we really need them at the 11:00am Tyler Campus service. Would you be willing to be a greeter? It would require that you be at the south or north doors at 10:45am and be the warm friendly welcome of Christ to all who enter. Click here and you will be taken to a signup calendar. Pick a door and and Sunday and bring your smile.

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