Men's Bible Study

Join us this spring 2021 for our new  Bible Study, "Gospel in Life" by Tim Keller. 

Thursdays 7 PM & Fridays 6 AM, Beginning April 8 - May 28, Maple Campus.

We're meeting in person, in our new Maple Campus Commons.


Gospel in Life is an eight-week course on the gospel and how it is lived out in all of life- first in our hearts, then in community, and out into the world.

Week 1 opens the course with the theme of the city: our home now, the world that is. Week 8 closes the course with the theme of the eternal city: our heavenly home, the world that is to come. In between we will look at how the gospel changes our hearts (weeks 2 and 3), changes our community (weeks 4 and 5), and changes how we live in the world (weeks 6 and 7).

Session Titles:
1. City: The World That Is
2. Heart: Three Ways to Live
3. Idolatry: The Sin Beneath The Sin
4. Community: The Context for Change
5. Witness: An Alternate City
6. Work: Cultivating the Garden
7. Justice: A People For Others
8. Eternity: The World That Is To Come


Information last updated 4.22.21

Man Up | Men's Retreat

May 14 & 15, 2021

*This event has been postponed to a later date. Please call the church office for more information.

“Man Up!” Men's Ministry Overnight Retreat - A look at Marxism, Race, Sexual Orientation, Gender Identity, and how to respond as a Christian man.  

We're going to the 40-8 Retreat Center 201 S 327th St. W. Garden Plain, Ks, no cost to attend. This is an action-packed weekend for men to get together in God's word and fellowship with each other.


What to bring?

  • Tent, sleeping bag, pillow, guns, fishing license, fishing pole, adult beverages, and maybe some food (more details on that to come)


Cost?  Nothing.