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Around the Table is a small group fellowship designed for church members to become better acquainted. 

Around the Table groups are comprised of approximately 3-6 households who meet once a month for three gatherings at a group member’s home or a restaurant. The group may also choose to have dessert or appetizers together rather than a full meal.  



Who decides where and when our group will meet? 

The participants of the group decide together. However, the first person or couple listed on your group’s roster will be the lead person to initiate that communication and help establish the first meeting time and location.

Do I/we have to host the group at my home? 

No. The group can meet at a restaurant where everyone is responsible for their own ticket or simply meet for coffee.

Do I/we have to participate in every session throughout the year? 

No. After the first three months all participants will be re-assigned to a new group. You may take a hiatus for a three-month period.

If I/we are the host home, do we have to provide food for the whole group? 

No. A potluck style meal makes it easy for everyone.

Is this a Bible study group? 

No, but there can be.  

Can I bring infants and children to our group’s gatherings? 

The group as a whole should make this decision.

What months will we be meeting? 

The sessions will run September, October, November and then January, February, March. The months of April through August and December will be hiatus months allowing new folks to sign up and new groups to be organized.

What if I want to attend, but my spouse is not able or interested? 

We welcome everyone with or without a spouse.


What is the dress attire? 



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