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Halloween Party

We have had a lot of fun with our Trunk or Treat events in the parking lot. But this year we are going to do something different. We are going to invite our neighbors into the house, And have a Halloween party inside the Tyler Campus.

Ohh Does this mean You don’t get to decorate your trunk and help out? No trunks are needed, but we do need your help as we move the fun inside. Instead of dressing up your vehicle we are looking people to decorate a place inside at a Table and pass out candy in the PAC at Tyler. We are looking to create more of party and more of a chance to talk with our neighbors as we have games to play and food to eat.

Here’s how you can help:

  1. If you can’t be there then please donate some candy. Thrivent is giving $250 for candy but we will need even more.

  2. Come in costume and decorate a table. The church will be open all day on the Wednesday of Halloween.

  3. Bring a game to play like ring toss or corn hole.

  4. Be a helper in the kitchen or a hall monitor.

  5. We also need help directing traffic in parking lot.

  6. And as always we will need people to clean it all up.

Please let us know if you will be helping by clicking the link. Or by contacting Cyndy Bressler.

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