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As a greeter, we encourage you to do the following:

  1. Be present approximately 15-20 minutes before the service begins.

  2. Locate yourself centrally (by the information area) so you can greet attendees coming in from both the north and south entrances.

  3. Smile and warmly greet anyone who enters the narthex. 
    Remember, you are the first face that a person sees when they enter our church. Smile and be friendly to all who enter.

  4. Offer comments such as, “Good morning, we’re glad you’re here!” Use their name if you know it.

  5. If you do not recognize someone, do not be afraid to introduce yourself by saying something like, “I don’t believe I’ve met, I’m ……..” .

  6. Remain in the narthex until the service begins. Often there are late arrivals and we went to be sure they are welcomed also.



Remember the offering of a friendly “Hello” or “Good Morning” can be one of the most impressive things that a person will remember about their worship experience at Ascension.

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