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"Come follow me," said Jesus our Lord. 


And some fishermen left their boats and followed.


But not just them.


Common people and professionals, street workers and other notorious sinners, the lifelong religious and even those who had no faith at all, they left everything behind and followed Jesus.


As they followed, they learned how the Master Teacher handled life, gracefully negotiating its disappointments as well as its parties and pleasures. They learned about money and where the true treasures are found. They learned how to love each other dearly and even how to receive an enemy by returning a blessing on them.


They were a people who would forever change the history the world noted for one chief virtue: love.


Jesus still invites you to come follow.


When Jesus invites you to come follow him it certainly means that he knows the way of correct doctrine, of goodness and worship.  But his invitation is so much more than believing the right teachings, or doing the proper religious activities.


It is a personal invitation to be with him and to live your normal everyday go to work and school life with him.  It isn't about being more spiritual or religious, but about being his. 


Jesus is calling member of Ascension to come and follow him.


No one is excluded from his way of love.


Each year there will two different opportunities for you to have the time and space to be with Jesus and learn from Him hot to follow outside of Sunday morning worship.


These retreats are designed for all kinds of people.  It is for those who are new to the faith up through those who have been lifelong Christians.  It is for everyone who longs for more: peace, happiness, goodness, self control, joy, kindness, love, patience,  and the courage to live out faith in daily life.   


It is for you.  Now is the time. Come and follow Jesus.

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